Evanescent Magazine

digital youth magazine aiming to support teen voices through art.

a place for lingering thoughts."evanescent is about the words we easily forget, the voices that are quickly ignored, and the hushed emotions that rapidly fade away. we are here to remember them."

for the people who can't say things out loud, ambitious dreamers with heavy hearts, and young writers who are finding their place in the world.


Founded in January 2024 by a 15-year-old writer (Brielle Benjamin), Evanescent was created for teenagers to express their feelings through writing and art.Oftentimes, young people don't have a space where they feel like they can share what's on their mind. Evanescent magazine is here to showcase young talent while creating safe spaces to share feelings, emotions, thoughts, or other things teenagers hide because of the world.Our goal is to publish young writers with different backgrounds from anywhere!
as a youth literary and arts magazine, we want to showcase all voices and art, as well as highlight marginalized communities.

April 12, 2024, issue 01: interlude was released. read it here

frequently asked questions

What can I submit?

prose, poetry, art, and photography!

Why do you only accept work from ages 13-19?

We are a youth magazine aiming to amplify our generation's voices by publishing teens!

Why do you only accept unpublished pieces?

If your piece gets published by us, we receive First Serial Rights which means we have the right to be the first publisher of your work(s). When submitting to other magazines after our publication, we ask that you credit us as your first publisher! if you are posting on social media about it, it would be nice to mention that we have published your work :)

Most of these questions can be answered by reading our guidelines on our website, so we ask politely that you read them before submitting :)

Are simultaneous submissions allowed?

Absolutely! If your piece is accepted elsewhere, please shoot us an email immediately so we know!

Does my submission have to be related to the theme?

The short answer is no. Although submissions inspired by/connected with the theme are preferred, it can absolutely just be your creativity! (As long as it doesn’t go against our submission guidelines)

When do you respond with your decisions?

Our response time varies between 1-2 months. Keep in mind that our team is made up of young human beings with a life outside of evanescent. if you have not received a response after 9 weeks, please feel free to reach out at [email protected]

Any other questions?
Feel free to email us at
[email protected]!

⎯ our guidelines.

> if your submission is not in english, please provide a translation of the work along with it. if accepted, we will publish both together.
> we do not publish previously published works, however we do accept simultaneous submissions. if your work has been accepted elsewhere after submitting, please shoot us an email immediately so we know!
> we thoughtfully ask if your piece(s) have been accepted that you credit evanescent as your first piece's publication in any following reprints. when published, we receive First Serial Rights.

CATEGORY SPECIFICATIONS:poetry: up to 5 poems at any length
prose: 1-2 pieces (up to 3000 words) includes fiction, short stories, essays, creative nonfiction, and memoirs. we are currently not accepting novel excerpts!
art/photography: submit high-resolution images of visiual art, illustrations, or photography.

any submissions against our guidelines will be immediately rejected!

ALL SUBMISSIONS MUST...> be submitted from those who are ages 13-19!!!!!
> not be published previously (in other magazines, social media, etc.)
> not include hate speech, extreme violence, profanity, or sexual pieces. (if disguised or hinted at, please put needed trigger warnings)
> be completely original and of your own work, NO AI.
FORMAT for written works> be in standard font, font-size 12
> be in doc, docx, or pdf form. doc & docx is preferred.
> be single-spaced for poetry, double-spaced for prose
we will not accept written works as photos! any submissions in forms like IMG, JPEG, or any photo format will be immediately rejected.

⎯ our issues.

issue 01: INTERLUDE.
April 12, 2024

issue 02 coming
July 2024

⎯ submit

issue 02: SAUDADE.our theme for issue 02 is saudade!
⎯ a feeling of longing, melancholy, or nostalgia.
swiftie summer showdown.
- a Taylor Swift writing contest taking place over the summer (June 1st 2024 - July 31st 2024). submit below!

issue 02 subs closed

waiting for a response?- our response time varies between 1-2 months. if you do not hear from us after 9 weeks, follow the directions below.email us at
[email protected] with the following information:
- name(s) of your submission
- the name you provided on the submission form
- email that you provided on the submission form
even if you do not remember what email or name you submitted with, the following details help us locate your submission. please do not expect us to reply with a decision if you do not provide any details or information about the submission you are querying for.

⎯ editing team.

Ali Duchrow
Ali is a 19 year old college student with a love for writing. Since middle school, she’s been creating stories, whether it was plays or books. Now pursuing a major in marketing, Ali hopes to find a career as a literary agent to help make writer’s dreams come true
Chloe Chan
Chloe Chan is a teenage girl who has loved reading ever since she was seven years old. She loves writing poetry and leaving random notes in the margin of her notebooks. When she’s not watching it rain, listening to music, or studying because of her math class (that American grading system is really hurting guys), she’s sitting down and working on a collection of poems about girlhood.
Grace Chandler
Grace is a teenage writer from the United States. She seeks comfort in movies and TV, fantasy books, and creating her own worlds. Most of her time is spent listening to music, and she has an adorable dog named Leo.

Shaaanvi V
Shaaanvi, a 15-year-old high school student from India has a profound passion for poetry, writing, painting, music, and fashion. Her poetry is published on esteemed platforms the Gilmore Review and Teen Ink. Additionally, she contributes as an article for The Teen Magazine.
Aradhana Narasimhan
A multifaceted individual, Aradhana seamlessly weaves grace on the dance floor with academic excellence. An editor at a prominent magazine - Words With Weight, her literary prowess extends beyond, with numerous works featured in zines and newsletters. Two of her magnificent works have been published in a book named, "The Season of Eternal Love". A creative force, she epitomizes the fusion of artistic finesse, intellectual acumen and editorial flair. With a rich portfolio, Aradhana now aspires to bring their discerning eye and literary prowess to the realm of poetry as a dedicated and insightful poetry editor for Evanescent.

⎯ staff writers.

Abigail Addae
Abigail is a fourteen-year-old aspiring author in Australia who spends most of her time practising piano, writing, reading, listening to music and rotting away on social media. She wants to publish a book one day, whether it be a romance book, superhero thriller or poetry book, but she hasn’t decided yet.
Soha is an aspiring scientist with a deep love for all art forms.
Anora Hundal
Anora Hundal is an aspiring author and musician studying in Finland with the goal to be a bestselling published author.
Katanna Faith
Katanna Faith, a seventeen year old writer, has been writing for almost half her life. Whether that's short stories to novellas to full length novels. She hopes to publish her novels one day whether that's a full or part time career.

Callisto Arabell
Callisto Arabell is 15, born in India but currently residing in America. She is a dreamer, a hopeless romantic who finds solace in the world of books and music. Callisto loves poems, writing poems ranging from love, heartbreak, and friendship. She hopes to one day be a successful writer, giving others the same sense of warmth reading gave her.
Mikha is 15 years old and is passionate about writing. She likes reading as well as watching movies and listening to music. She is a student athlete, so balancing work and sports as well as writing is a bit of a challenge at times but she gets through it!

⎯ graphic designers.

Stella Wherritt
Stella is a 15 year old girl in high school who loves art, books, and fashion. She has been passionate about all types of art since she was very young. She spends most of her time reading, cuddling with her dog, and listening to music while making jewelry.
Kayleigh Behar
Kayleigh Behar, who also goes by Kay on social media, is a creative, helpful, and bright person, who is always up for a challenge. Kay, most of the day, is at school, trying her hardest to be the person her little self wants her to be. She loves academia and knows that if she works hard now, she can have the future that she dreams of. When she's not studying, Kay also enjoys reading and creating content for her book-related Instagram account. She loves editing, designing new posts, and trying out new things. Overall, Kay tries to be the best at everything she does and never shies away from a challenge. She perseveres and never lets anyone or anything get the best of her.

Ava Pedersen
Ava is a high school student with a love for animation and film. She enjoys spending her free time illustrating, developing original stories, listening to music, and watching romcoms. She hopes to continue learning 2D and 3D animation, cinematography, music composition, and editing to perhaps one day produce her own film or show.
Alice Sheffer
Alice is a sophomore in the Bay Area, California. She's a poet and a creative director at her school's arts & culture magazine, and in her free time she enjoys reading, thrifting, listening to music, hanging out with friends, and collating.
Neelisha Barfa
Bubbly moonchild adoring Hoya bella, munching on cookies and sipping cold coffee, dancing to K-pop vibes, and freezing moments with polaroids.
Teodora (Tea) Djuric
She likes poetry, reading, writing, painting, origami, music, animals, mostly cats. Introverted highschool student trying to get through; dreaming of studying abroad.

⎯ submission review.

prose/poetry judges

Peyton volunteers to help make STEM and writing more accessible to youth and loves exploring these topics herself. She also loves rowing, fashion, golf, and business!
Quinn Hill
Quinn is a 16-year-old high school student who loves reading, writing, and photography! She spends most her time listening to music, watching movies, and crafting!
Catherine Parker
catherine loves to read, write, and sing, and is obsessed with the beach and a good iced coffee. she is a huge gym rat and loves being outdoors. she writes poetry and music and can always be found with a good sappy romance book:)
Madison (Madi) Perreault
Madi is a seventeen-year-old aspiring author/literary agent living in british columbia. she absolutely loves lana del rey, lake days, and anything written by suzanne collins. if you ever need help with beta reading or book editing, she’s your girl!

Minhkha (Mink) Dang
Mink likes playing piano, dancing, and going to the beach with her friends. she's a sucker for a strawberry acai drink and a new york everything bagel. when she's not chronically rewatching captain america: the winter soldier, you can find her in the fiction section of a library, rereading her favorite series, or running in the grass with her terrier, cosmo.
Isabel Gan
Isabel is a high school junior from California who loves historical fiction, alliteration, and the em dash. You can find her work in Fleeting Daze Mag and The Greyhound Journal. She is the EIC of Paper Cranes Literary along with editing for Chromatic Scars Review and Bardics Anonymous. In her free time, she enjoys playing the piano, late-night thoughts, and matcha!

art/photography judges

Flavia Carnicelli
Flavia is a teenage girl who thinks “sensitive” is the biggest compliment and would have very much liked to be a rockstar in the ‘80s but, alas, it is what it is. She dabbles in all of the arts, both as an enojoyer and as a creator, so it’s not rare to find her nose deep in a book or covered in paint at 3am. She’s always trying out a new hobby or busy with an old one that stuck, so time and sleep are some of her biggest haters. However, her mortal enemies are bad mascara, cold days in May, and people that don’t use commas. her proudest achievement is the fact that mosquitoes don’t bite her.

Ruby Han
Ruby is a freshman attending high school in California. She loves painting, going on social media, listening to music, and chatting with friends. she loves conversations even tho she's an isfj but don't be afraid to talk to her!
Charlene Meik
Charlene enjoys art, writing and listening to a concerning amount of Lana Del Rey. You can usually find her going on long walks and taking pictures of sunsets.
Blake is a high school student in her final year, currently determined to pursue what she is passionate about and to see where it takes her! She likes to craft her poetry in grocery receipts, corners of science textbooks and in question papers, focused on turning melodramatic moments in time into written lines. When she’s not writing, she’s painting landscapes she saw on the car ride back home or reading Virginia Woolf in the front yard.

⎯ marketing team.

Aubry Severson
Aubry is apart of the marketing team and is so excited to be apart of evanescent!! She enjoys scrapbooking, youtube, listening to music, and band.


Sol Nguyen
Sol is a high school student who is a dedicated artist with a broad range of styles and who is always eager to learn and try new things. They love listening to/making music, drawing, photography and learning languages. As a 1st place winner in several local art contests, Sol is always keen on expressing themselves and connecting with others through the arts.

Evan, our mascot, drawn by Sol!